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Hi-Top Coffee

Coffee - *El Salvador Duo!*

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The Coffees: We are very excited to roast two coffees from Anny Ruth in El Salvador this week! The two of them are so similar, like identical twins pretty much, however, they each have their own unique personality. One is a Red Bourbon varietal and the other is a Yellow Bourbon. These coffees were born to stay with each other, and to be enjoyed side by side. We have been given the honor to roast and serve these coffees to the world, and we hope you get the opportunity to identify that although sometimes so similar, every coffee has its individualistic quality when not just consumed for utility.


About the Estate: La Loma Gloria is an Estate perched around 1500 MASL in the crater of the San Salvador Volcano in El Salvador producing some of the most exciting coffees on the planet at the moment. The Estate is operated by Anny Ruth, a true visionary in the industry. 

We have been fortunate enough to work with La Loma Gloria this harvest to serve three different coffees from the estate; Belvedere Honey, Red Bourbon Natural, & Yellow Bourbon Natural. 

Roasting Approach: We will be taking these coffees for a long ride in the roaster. We are going to use our Loring s15  to have a 15.5 minute roast that will soak in low heat to create a complex profile and lingering body. Don't get me wrong, this coffee will still be roasted lightly. We have found that a long low heat exposure specifically around the 280-340 degree portion of the roast creates an amazing profile for complex, full-bodied coffees. This coffee will be roasted in 12 LB baches that charge at 300 degrees (quite low) & will be dropped at 406 degrees just moments before the complex sugars begin to caramelize.