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Hi-Top Coffee

Coffee - Yemen, Mocca Kholani Natural

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Mocca Kholani is picked, de-pulped and dried on either raised beds or upon rooftops in direct sunlight.  This is a time-honored tradtion and unique snapshot of the region.  Rooftops and ground-level beds adorned with red coffee cherries span the landscape.  Before export, the dried coffee is again hand-sorted for defects.  Direct involvement by so many offers possibilities and opportunities to a region where two-thirds of its people are in need of aid and conscious goodwill.  The opportunity to share this coffee is one made through investing and reinvesting in trusted relationships with producers and partners to continue a truly historic culture of crop cultivation and source of pride.


producer Associated farmers in Sa’adah Governorate organizes around Muslot Trading Stores

process : Natural

variety : Audaini, Dawaery, Tuffahi 

tastes like : raspberry, dark chocolate

yummy on : pour over, filter coffee, espresso

All tins come as 10 oz and whole bean (unless specified otherwise) to ensure the freshest coffee!