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Hi-Top Coffee

Coffee - Colombia La Loma Double Fermented Washed

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A Colombia a day takes the pain away, or something like that.

We love Colombian coffees here at HT, both as single origins and a complimentary coffee in a blend. This La Loma is a workhorse for us. You can find this coffee in our No Posers, Kick It, and Secret Sauce blends. It's a sweet, complex, well-rounded coffee suited to maybe make every drink a tasty one!

from : Colombia Huila, Finca La Loma

process : double fermented washed

variety : colombia

elevation : 1650 meters

tastes like : mango, milk chocolate, & silky smooth

yummy on : pour over, espresso, pour over


All tins come as 10 oz and whole bean (unless specified otherwise) to ensure the freshest coffee!