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Coffee - Kenya, Kirinyaga County

These beans come from the Kirinyaga county, with mineral rich soil and high elevation. Many believe the best coffees in Kenya come from this area at the base of Mt. Kenya. The Baragwi Farmers Cooperative Society oversees the operations of 16,000 farmer members and has a farmer-elected board with members from each sublocation. The ample water supply in this region allows for the factories to wash, wash, soak and then wash again in fresh river water each time. 


from : Kenya, Kirinyaga County

grower16000 producers organized around the Baragwi Farmers Cooperative Society

process : washed

variety : SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11, Batian

elevation : 1600-1800 meters

tastes like : green apple, walnuts, delicate body

yummy on : pour over