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Hi-Top Coffee

Coffee - Ecuador Pichincha

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This coffee is a clean, syrupy, and balanced profile that I personally will be wanting to drink on the daily. We will be roasting 12lb batches on our Loring 15kilo. This coffee will be roasted to highlight its beautiful sugar qualities. We will do this by roasting this coffee with a mild low heat ramp up, starting the roast @360degrees. This low charge temp sets a slower speed for the duration of the roast. Slowing the time of the roast allows more time for the complexity to build in the millard phase of the roast (280-360ish degrees). We will roast this coffee until the temperature reaches 404 degree hopefully around the 14 minute mark.

from : 
Pichincha, Ecuador

grower : Jaime Ponce

process : washed

variety : typica mejorado

tastes like : berries, brown sugars, citrus

yummy on : filter