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Coffee - Costa Rica

This coffee comes from the Canton de Desamparados region in Costa Rica and is produced by the well known coffee producer Roberto Fabrizzio who has even at the forefront of sustainability in coffee producing. Once his son, Roberto Jr., came of age he started helped out on the family farm and dove into the work with a passion like his father's. 
The father & son duo have taken coffee farming to new heights. Coffee producers around the world as consulting with the Fabrizzio family, as they are advocates for the love of coffee and see the potential it has. 
These beans were grown on the award winning Fabrizzio family farm, Las Gravilias, a fully shaded 30-acre stretch of land that produces some of the highest quality coffee in the world. 
We feel very lucky to have been able to snag some of these beans and share them, & the story of the Fabrizzio family, with you! 



from : Costa Rica

process : washed

variety : Catuai, Caturra

elevation : 1250-1500 meters

tastes like : orange bitters, baked peaches, and milk chocolate

yummy on : pour over


Get yourself a bag, kick it & enjoy some coffee! 

All bags come as 10 oz and whole bean (unless specified otherwise) to ensure the freshest coffee!