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Hi-Top Wholesale


Yeah, we definitely sell Hi-Top Coffee at wholesale cost!

We are a small operation based out of Fresno, Ca. We pride ourselves in roasting high quality coffee with the mindset of affordability and accessibility. We are stoked on our coffee and the people that make Hi-Top what it is: from producer to barista! 

One of our vibe check’s here at Hi-Top is that we have fun whenever and with whoever! One of our fun programs is our Boost It! Program. Remember in elementary school when you were asked to sell a certain amount of candy, tickets, etc and the more you sold the more gifts you got? Well, let’s just say we are suckers for nostalgia and prizes. Every order over $250 will go to the count toward another prize! We appreciate the support and belief in us and want to give back! 
Boost it Program flier
We are always looking to create new partnerships and relationships with other businesses! Shoot us a little more info about who y'all are, and what we can do to help, we'd love to chat!

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