We take our environmental impact seriously.

When we started out packaging our beans we thought 'compostable bags! this is the way!' Then we learned that not every area that we ship beans has an appropriate composting facility to break them down properly, meaning they were most likely ending up in a landfill after all. 

So we thought and racked our brains about what is the best possible packaging to make the least amount of impact on the earth? Could it be tin cans? Or is that too old school? Will people think we're like the other pre-ground coffees you can buy in the grocery store that come in bulk tin cans? (rhymes with bolgers) I mean, that's what all coffee was probably packaged in not all that long ago. 

As it turns out.... it seems like tin cans are the way to go! 

Recycling facts!

-Tin cans are mostly made from steel, which is 100% recyclable & can be recycled INFINITELY without loss of quality!

-The recycle rate for food steel cans in the US is 62% (as of 2019 data) while the recycle rate for plastic is only 13% 

-If a tin is tossed in the trash rather than the recycling bin, there is still hope! An average of roughly 9,000 steel cans are removed from landfills every minute with a magnet! (think Toy Story 3)

-Using recycled steel means less mining is necessary, which in turn means less waste of raw materials, less energy consumption, and reduces water & air pollution by about 70% 

-Recycling just ONE steel can saves enough energy to make a pot of coffee! 


We made sure our cans look GOOD with y'all in mind. Quinn Bowman designed the wrap around & it's honestly so cool looking, you wont want to recycle it.
Good news: reusing is even better! 

Reuse means less energy, less waste & fewer resources are needed!

Use your cans for whatever you can think of! As a screw container for the garage, a pot for a plant, or maybe as a bird feeder for your backyard. The possibilities are *literally* limitless when it comes to the future of our tin cans! 


Tin cans are the way to go. Reuse them or recycle them, either way you're doing good for the earth! 

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*Sources if you want to read more about steel recycling!!!!!*