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HT Dancing Cups Iron on Patch


Custom Hi-Top patches. 

New dancing cups design will be the perfect addition to your jean jacket or your tote bag. Easy iron on feature.

3.75 inches tall & 4.5 inches at widest point!  


Iron on instructions:

Lay clean garment on flat surface.

Turn iron on. Ensure steam is off with no water in the iron. Switch to cotton setting (typically a higher temp.)

Place patch (facing up) onto garment where desired. Place a towel or (cotton) cloth over the patch area. 

Apply pressure with the iron in circular motions for 1-3 minutes over patch area to ensure adhesion. Allow patch to cool. 

Flip the garment inside-out, apply direct heat with iron onto the areas until adhered. Once again, allow patch to cool.

Check that the patch has adhered completely. (Repeat steps 4-6 if necessary).

Enjoy your new Hi-Top patch!